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Junk head

Imagine - Junk Head

Takahide Hori / JP, 2017 / 114 min.

Cyborg tries to retrieve genetic information in stunning and funny clay animation with influences from Brazil to The Fifth Element.

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In the future, people live longer thanks to genetic manipulation, but lose the ability to reproduce. A cyborg researcher sets out to retrieve genetic information and as he descends into a vast underground space, his body comes apart. He is repaired with cheap body parts and now lives on as Junk Head. Stunning and funny clay animation shows influences from Brazil to The Fifth Element.

Junk Head is a solo project from Takahide Hori, who wrote, directed, produced, as well as taking care of sets, props, animation, modelling, costumes, effects and music. That is an achievement by itself, but Junk Head is more than that: it is a wildly imaginative film, brimming with storylines, weird and fantastic creatures and sets that seem to come from Brazil or The Fifth Element. Dialogues are reduced to all kinds of indiscernible (yet subtitled) beeps and the director creates a world that blows you away with its richness that goes way beyond the plot of the film itself.



Takahide Hori

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Original title

Imagine - Junk Head


114 min.



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