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Laissez bronzer les cadavres

Imagine - Let the Corpses Tan

Hélène Cattet / BE, 2017 / 92 min.

Fast-paced, violent and funny reimagining of pulp and grindhouse by Amer duo.

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Unsuccessful writer Bernier lives in the ragged house of his muse Luce, on top of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. One day, two car robbers look for shelter after they stole 250 kilos of pure gold. Soon, motorcycle cops arrive, as well as Bernier”s wife, his son and their nanny. Fast-paced, violent and funny reimagining of pulp and grindhouse see Amer duo moving away from neo-giallo.

If Amer and The Strange Colour of Your Body”s Tears were Cattet's and Forzani's reimagining of giallo, this adaptation of Jean-Patrick Manchette”s 1971 novel is their take on pulp and grindhouse. Instead of gruesome murderers wearing leather gloves and wielding knives, we have gruesome gangsters in leather jackets firing machineguns. Besides the iconography though, the directors' impeccable sense of style and attention to aesthetic detail are present again in full glory. While the first part of the film builds up the gathering of souls around Bernier”s house, the second part is a delirious series of shoot-outs, with frequent double- and triple-crosses. In the hands of Cattet and Forzani, this outburst of violence becomes a hallucinating spectacle.



Hélène Cattet

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Laissez bronzer les cadavres


92 min.