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Imagine - 'Representation Matters!' door Dan Hassler-Forest


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The growing importance of diversity in fantastic films – by Dan Hassler-Forest

Fantastic stories, be it an age-old fairy tale or recent dystopian science fiction, are rarely free of ideological backgrounds and underlying (ethical) norms and values. They”re always told from a specific perspective with a corresponding world view and play on our fear of vampires, werewolves, communists or immigrants. Recent films like Get Out, Wonder Woman and Revenge show clearly how non-white and non-male perspectives produce substantially different fantastic stories. In Representation Matters! Dan Hassler-Forest will thoroughly analyse the importance of this emerging diversity within fantastic film. Dan Hassler-Forest is lecturer in Popular Culture at the University of Amsterdam. He published numerous books and articles in which he connects fantastic fiction with politics and ideology.

This part of the programme will be in Dutch.


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