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Revenge 2

Imagine - Revenge

Corlaie Fargeat / FR, 2017

Female revenge hasn’t been so entertaining and satisfactory since Kill Bill.

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Jen spends a couple of days at the desert house of her lover Richard. One day, two of Richard”s friends arrive and while he is out, one of them rapes Jen. Upon his return, Richard turns against her and in the chaos that ensues, Jen is thrown off a cliff and left for dead. Female revenge hasn”t been so entertaining and satisfactory since Kill Bill.

In Coralie Fargeat's film rape and revenge meets the superhero genre. The story evolves from a straightforward horror film into something that is deliberately larger than life, whereby probability is thrown overboard in favour of gore, sex and spectacle. Female revenge has not been so entertaining and satisfactory since Tarantino's Kill Bill, with Fargeat bringing a distinctive female perspective to the rape-revenge subgenre. Whereas the men around her transform from decent citizens to naked maniacs, it”s Jen who stays true to herself. Revenge is deeply submerged in the most audacious misogynistic stereotypes, while at the same time manages to transcend them.



Corlaie Fargeat

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Imagine - Revenge




Revenge 3