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Terrifier 1

Imagine - Terrifier

Damien Leone / US, 2017 / 82 min.

Art the Clown is a new icon in intensely gory eighties throwback.

Terrifier 2017 clown horror film movie poster

On Halloween night, Dawn and Tara go out in costume. On the radio, they hear warnings of a killer clown, but don”t think too much of it. When Dawn needs the bathroom, she goes into a well guarded building. The inside looks sinister, but that's nothing compared to the actual horror that awaits her in there. Art the Clown is a new icon in intensely gory eighties throwback.

Do they still exist; horror films that are wilfully nasty and gory, not for the faint hearted but for the real fans? Hell, yes and director Damien Leone”s Terrifier is convincing proof. He has decided to spend most of his probably limited budget on practical effects and it shows. Essentially, it”s 84 minutes of stalking and slashing, and it”s that simplicity that works perfectly. It is really, really gory and Art the Clown gives Pennywise his money”s worth. Intensely violent, and totally exploitative, with more than enough blood in the finale to create that eighties midnight movie atmosphere.



Damien Leone

Production year




Original title

Imagine - Terrifier


82 min.



Terrifier 1
Terrifier 2
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