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The endless

Imagine - The Endless

Justin Benson / US, 2017 / 111 min.

Two brothers return to their childhood cult in stunning Lovecraftian mystery.

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Justin and Aaron are brothers who are scraping by in Los Angeles. One day, Justin receives a message from the cult they were part of as children and convinces Aaron to revisit it. They receive a warm welcome, but just outside the cult”s grounds they come across events that throw all plans into turmoil. Stunning, Lovecraftian mystery from the directors of Spring and Resolution.

After the creature horror of Spring (Imagine 2015), Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (who also star as the brothers) return to the world of Resolution (Imagine 2013). Once again, the duo provides us with a complex and multi-layered mystery, dealing with family ties, the ability to leave the past behind and the malevolent cosmic forces that stand in between that.

Like in their previous films, they take the time to unfold the story and it”s only in the final twenty minutes that all elements fall into place, inviting you to think, talk about it and eventually - to rewatch it.



Justin Benson

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Imagine - The Endless


111 min.



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