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Imagine - The Rusalka + Conductor

Perry Blackshear / US, 2018 / 80 min.

Mysterious events at a lake set off Lovecraftian take on Slavic myth with a tender and fragile romance at the heart of it.

Poster the rusalka

Tom retreats to a remote lake house to deal with his faith crisis. He meets Al, whose husband drowned in the lake, and Nina, who swims there. Tom and Nina fall in love, but something is strange about her. Was she involved in the drowning of Al”s husband? Lovecraftian take on Slavic myth has a tender and fragile romance at the heart of it.

In the opening scene, director Perry Blackshear (They Look Like People, Imagine 2016) gives away the true nature of Nina: it is a Rusalka, a water nymph from Slavic mythology. It doesn”t spoil the film, it rather gives a sense of danger to the romance and puts Nina in a different light. With the mute Tom as the main character, the dialogue is sparse and it is up to the gorgeous images and the complex, layered soundscape to tell the story. Added to that is choral music to great emotional effect. The director gives the Slavic myth a Lovecraftian touch - the result is a breath of fresh air.



Perry Blackshear

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80 min.





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