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Imagine - Tower. A Bright Day

Jagoda Szelc / PL, 2017 / 106 min.

Mysterious and mystical family drama makes for an uneasy but rewarding viewing experience.

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Kaja visits her sister Mula”s remote household in the woods to attend Mula's daughter Nina's holy communion. Following their arrival, bizarre events start to multiply. The sisters' mother miraculously recovers from Alzheimer”s, some migrants disappear in the woods and a local priest forgets his prayers. Mysterious and mystical family drama.

In her debut film Polish director Jagoda Szelc reveals great talent and understanding of suspenseful means of expression. At the same time the naturalistic acting by the strong Polish cast and handheld camera work give the film a deceptive sense of realism on the surface. Digging deeper one could detect some similarities with the eco-metaphysical worldview of Peter Weir's early films Picnic at Hanging Rock and The Last Wave, although Tower. A Bright Day, like its title, is its own beast. So be prepared for a film that certainly will give you plenty to think and talk about afterwards.



Jagoda Szelc

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Original title

Wieża. Jasny dzień


106 min.



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