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Tragedy girls

Imagine - Tragedy Girls

Tyler MacIntyre / US, 2017 / 98 min.

Two high school girls learn from a serial killer in bloody horror comedy that is hilarious, fast and pretty.

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A ruthless killer terrorizes the suburbs. After killing yet another boy, he chases after his girlfriend only to fall into a trap set by two schoolgirls craving blood and attention. The killer becomes a reluctant tutor for two born-digital adolescent killers, who won”t miss any opportunity to tweet about their latest hit. Bloody horror comedy is hilarious, fast and pretty.

Director Tyler MacIntyre not only reverses the roles, placing a bloodthirsty killer at the mercy of teenage girls, but also speculates about the consequences of such a reversal – what could possibly drive high schoolers nowadays to murder neighbours, how would they do it and most of all – would they even be interested in covering it up?

Tragedy Girls does not aim for jump scares, but rather uncontrollable bursts of laughter – it achieves this through straight-up jokes and countless references that you”re teased but not forced to recognize. Due to its Scream meets Clueless aesthetics and smooth storytelling it”s a compelling watch throughout. It”s over-the-top, painted with bold strokes, but most of all – it”s hilarious, fast and pretty.




Tyler MacIntyre

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Original title

Imagine - Tragedy Girls


98 min.