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Claire foy unsane

Imagine - Unsane

Steven Soderbergh / US, 2018 / 97 min.

Steven Soderbergh’s latest is a pulpy film that echoes the raw thrillers from the seventies.

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Data analyst Sawyer Valentini has fled Boston after a stalker made her life hell there. In her new hometown she seeks help from a psychiatrist and is more or less by accident admitted to an institution. There she sees her stalker, who is now one of the nurses. Or is it just her imagination? Pulpy film echoes the raw thrillers from the seventies.

A far cry from the polished and expensive aesthetics of his Ocean”s-films, Steven Soderbergh has gone for the other extreme with this one – he filmed Unsane on an iPhone 7. The scant lighting and low, narrow hallways of the institution Sawyer ends up in, give the film a seedy look reminiscent of the briskly shot thrillers of the early seventies. The story itself is just as pulpy, with characters plucked from the fringes of society. Claire Foy is amazing as the tormented Sawyer, believed by no one, and Juno Temple shines in a pleasantly weird supporting role.



Steven Soderbergh

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Imagine - Unsane


97 min.





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