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still Jour de fête (Jacques Tati, FR 1949)

Jour de fête

Jacques Tati / FR, 1949 / 85 min.

Jacques Tati’s feature film debut about an efficiency-obsessed postman became an instant classic. Not only because of the visual jokes, but also for its nostalgic look at French village life.

poster Jour de fête (Jacques Tati, FR 1949)

Jour de Fête (The Big Day) is a satire on progress, featuring Tati himself in the lead role as an amiable country postman. François, who delivers the post in a small village, watches a documentary on the American high-tech postal system. In an attempt to stay ahead of competition and get the post delivered as fast as he possibly can (‘Speed! Speed!’), François sets out on a series of hilarious exploits on his rickety bike.

In 2013, Jour de Fête was the last of Tati’s long feature films to be made digitally available on DCP (2K) as an initiative of Le Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée in Paris, the national agency for the preservation of French film heritage. Tati’s entire oeuvre – and that of directors like Chris Marker, Jacques Demy and Claude Lelouch – is regarded as the flagship of French film culture.

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Jacques Tati

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still Jour de fête (Jacques Tati, FR 1949)
still Jour de fête (Jacques Tati, FR 1949)

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