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Francesco ragazzi

Keep an Eye IP // Research Presentations 1

The Artistic Research Week of the Master of Film takes place from 22-27 June. Eight graduates will present the process and outcomes of their artistic research. Coming from all over the world, these filmmakers and visual artists researched the archive, the parameters of cinema, the value of play and the politics of everyday relations.

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Stephen Graves

Research Presentation: Forms of Available Love

In this presentation Stephen Graves will show a work-in-progress edit of his experimental auto-fiction film, Forms of Available Love. The screening is contextualised as part of Stephen Graves” research into collaboration and authorship.

Francesco Ragazzi

Presentation: “Filmmaking as method? Artistic research and the social sciences” and “13 Ways to Shoot My Father”

In his presentation, Francesco Ragazzi draws on his own practice, as well as on external references, to analyse how “filmmaking” can work as a method to produce knowledge in artistic research. As a part of this presentation Ragazzi will screen his film 13 Ways to Shoot My Father. This short, documentary essay film deals with director”s relation to his father as much as his relation to filmmaking. Based on the genre of the “making of” or the “backstage”, the film explores the father-son relationship through a metaphorical questioning of the traditional roles of cinema practice: the actor, the director and the audience.