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Sam ashby

Keep an Eye IP // Research Presentations 4

The Artistic Research Week of the Master of Film takes place from 22-27 June. Eight graduates will present the process and outcomes of their artistic research. Coming from all over the world, these filmmakers and visual artists researched the archive, the parameters of cinema, the value of play and the politics of everyday relations.

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Sam Ashby

Research Presentation: Cruising the Past

Through a series of fragments and films from his own archive, Sam Ashby considers the notion of “cruising”—the act of looking for anonymous sex in public spaces—as it relates to his practice of exploring archives in search of queer narratives of contemporary resonance.

David Wasch

Visual Presentation: The image, the body and the spectator

A visual presentation of David Wasch's research into the image in relation to the frame. Through the process of experimentation David questions the potentialities of reality by negotiating the position of the image in relation to the spectator. In this presentation David takes you on a journey along his past experiments from image to frame and from body to spectatorship.