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Still Kes Ken Loach GB 1969 3


Ken Loach / GB, 1969 / 110 min.

A moving masterpiece in the naturalistic and social-realist style that has been the hallmark of Ken Loach’s oeuvre for almost five decades. A young boy manages to escape his dreary life when he finds and trains a kestrel.Screened in 35mm.

Poster Kes Ken Loach GB 1969

Kes tells the poignant story of a fifteen-year-old working-class boy from South Yorkshire, who is bullied and physically and emotionally neglected. On one of his solitary walks he finds a nest of kestrels. He decides to train one of them to escape from the bleakness of his life.


One of the strong points of Kes are the genuine and moving performances from the amateur cast. In his second feature film, Loach already how committed he is to the workers who lose out to the British class system.

Kes was named one of the ten best British films of the last century, in a poll held by the British Film Institute a few years ago. "An unnoticed masterpiece", the Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad headlined when Eye released the newly restored film in 2011.

Screened in 35mm.

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