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Eye on Sound: Kiff Tebbi (Mario Camerini, IT 1928) (soundwave)

Kiff Tebbi

Mario Camerini / IT, 1928 / 97 min.

This Italian silent film follows Ismaïl, the son of a kalif, who returns from a stay in Europe full of admiration for modern technology and western culture. But his enthusiasm meets with scepticism from his family. With live music from Marmoucha Orchestra.

poster Eye Meets Marmoucha: Kiff Tebbi (Mario Camerini, IT 1928)

When the Turks plunder the countryside for forage for their troops, Mné – an Arab girl from a nomadic tribe who Ismaïl is in love with – flees through the desert to find him. This is the start of a series of adventures that will culminate in Ismaïl being hauled up before a Turkish military court.

Marmoucha Orchestra

Discover the Marmoucha Orchestra in an intimate setting. The Marmoucha Orchestra Quintet breathe new life into the silent film experience with an innovative twist. Enjoy an evening full of passion, drama and beauty with the Marmoucha Orchestra Quintet.

The Marmoucha Orchestra Quintet is made up of five talented musicians drawn from different musical backgrounds and influences, with a shared passion for music and the diversity of musical languages, styles and traditions from North Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Their music is an intriguing combination of traditional pieces and their own compositions. They create an atmospheric, emotional soundtrack for the film, with a major role for improvisation and interaction.

Musicians: Arin Keshishi (bass guitar, arrangements), Maripepa Contreras Gamez (oboe), Adrian Moncada (piano),Jessy Hay (guitar), Emad Ghajjou (percussion)


Not (yet) rated


Mario Camerini

Production year




Original title

Kiff Tebbi


97 min.


live music, Dutch




DCP, .mov

Part of

Eye Meets Marmoucha

Eye joins forces with Marmoucha, a collective for music and culture from North Africa and the Middle East presenting not only exceptional silent films with live musical accompaniment, but also building bridges between eastern and western cultures.

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campaign image Marmoucha Orchestra (soundwave)
still Kiff Tebbi (Mario Camerini, IT 1928)
still Kiff Tebbi (Mario Camerini, IT 1928)
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