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still Kina & Yuk (Guillaume Maidatchevsky, FR/CA 2023)

Kina & Yuk

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Guillaume Maidatchevsky / FR, CA, 2024 / 85 min.

This documentary family drama follows a pair of Arctic foxes who become separated when the male gets stuck on a piece of ice that breaks away. Now, his pregnant partner will have to survive alone. This adventure in nature takes us on a journey full of surprises and natural wonders.

poster Kina & Yuk (Guillaume Maidatchevsky, FR/CA 2023)
This is the last frontier, endless white plains stretching out to the North Pole, a land of ice running over a frozen ocean. This place can be challenging, but life in the Arctic is about to get even harder for Kina & Yuk. The brave Arctic foxes will soon become parents for the first time. But, Arctic winters are no longer what they used to be as global warming is reshuffling the pack for everyone.


Scenes from this movie may cause fearPersons under 9 years must be accompanied by an adult


Guillaume Maidatchevsky

Production year




Original title

Kina et Yuk, renards de la banquise


85 min.







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still Kina & Yuk (Guillaume Maidatchevsky, FR/CA 2023)
still Kina & Yuk (Guillaume Maidatchevsky, FR/CA 2023)
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