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KLIK - Midnight Madness Retro(spective)

Has this event reached peak cult status yet? We think this is the watershed moment! In case the title of this program doesn't quite sum it up, you should know that this is KLIK's #1 audience fav. And it will Rock. Your. Socks. Off. This time around, we'll cement its cult status by officially rolling back the clock and trawling down nostalgia road.

Klik midnight madness 0

Put together by your enigmatic hosts Mathijs Stegink, Luuk van Huët, Tünde Vollenbroek and Lae Schäfer, you'll be guided through a trip of crazy AF shorts plucked from Midnight Madnesses of the past, including two of its ancestral events 'Trippy Toons' and 'Disturbing Violence'.

Providing much needed historical context for this batch of flicks will be KLIK”s self-appointed Animation Scholar Luuk.