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KLIK Midnight Madness

If you’re already a bit bananas, our Midnight Madness screening is sure to send you over the edge. For KLIK’s #1 audience favorite, your hosts, Mathijs Stegink, Luuk van Huët, Tünde Vollenbroek and Lae Schäfer, will take you on a mind-boggling ride that’s not easily forgotten (or overcome). These nutters will guide you through a compilation of bizarre, wondrous, and batshit animated shorts that will make you go “WTF?!” — topped off with a crazy little dance.

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Triangulo Mateo Amaral (AR, 2015) 1'

The Little Hamster Jaroslava Osolotkina (RU, 2016) 2'

Having No Choice Lee Hiu Tung, Liu Ho Yin, Wong Ka Chun and Cheng Ming Hei (HK, 2016) 2'

Ivory Men and Cherry Boys Valerio Palmerini (IT, 2016) 1'

RRRING RRRING! Thomas Kneffel (DE, 2015) 6'

Enmog Renaissance Farbod Ardebili (US, 2015) 5'

He Vasily Kiselev (RU, 2016) 4'

Walkin' the Dog Tommy Robin (UK, 2015) 2'

FranTick Amanda Piller (CH, 2015) 6'

LIMINAL LOVE Jui Ting Liang and Ray Ting (US, 2016) 5'

What They Believe Shoko Hara (DE, 2016) 11'

Lost in Time Vince Collins (US, 2016) 2'

CIS Amelie Bjurenhed (SE, 2016) 2'

Theo in Amsterdam Samuel Windisch (DE, 2016) 6'

Los Viejos - STATE OF AMNESIA Esteban (MX, 2016) 2'

MANOMAN Simon Cartwright (UK, 2015) 11'

The Odd Funeral Felix Swahn (SE, 2016) 13'

CHIM:ERA Taíla Soliman (BR, 2015) 3'

Espresso Alexander Gratzer (AT, 2015) 6'



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