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Ma vie de courgette 20000353 st 6 s high

KLIK - My Life as a Courgette

With its fantastically designed puppets and brightly colored palette, Anncey prize winner My Life as a Courgette tells the touching story of 9-year-old Courgette who is sent to a group home after his mother’s sudden death. At first struggling to find his place in this strange environment, Courgette gradually comes to find comfort and acceptance in his new home.

Poster ma vie de courgette

With great humor and masterful storytelling, the Swiss-born director Claude Barras” feature debut takes a tender and subtle approach to a deeply dark and tragic subject (but keep those handkerchiefs ready, just in case).

Don”t miss this unique screening of the original French version of this film with English subtitles!



Ma vie de courgette 20000353 st 2 s high
Ma vie de courgette 71469173559
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