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still Knor (Mascha Halberstad, NL/BE 2022)


Mascha Halberstad / NL, 2022 / 72 min.

Probably the most labour-intensive film technique of all: stop-motion animation. The Netherlands has a great tradition in this genre, from Joop Geesink to Job, Joris and Marieke. Whereas the latter have now switched to computer animation, in Knor director Mascha Halberstad uses the old-fashioned manual technique. With delightful results, apart from the huge quantities of (fake) pig poo of course...

poster Knor (Mascha Halberstad, NL/BE 2022)

Babs had really wanted a dog but her grandpa, who flies over from America specially for her ninth birthday, gives her a pig: Knor. Whereas for Babs it’s love at first sight, her parents are less than impressed. During a merry round dance in the living room, Knor poos all over the place. Time for puppy training. In the meantime, it seems grandpa has a hidden agenda. He was once disqualified from a sausage-making contest, and now he’s out for revenge...

After the main film, the prequel Koning Worst (Mascha Halberstad, NL 2022, 22') is also screened. When Greetje’s father, the butcher Tuitjes, enters a competition with his Italian competitor Smakkerelli, the previously peaceful village of Moppel is turned upside down. Tuitjes loses customers, and Greetje faces losing the love of her life, Nol.


Scenes from this movie may cause fearPersons under 6 years must be accompanied by an adult


Mascha Halberstad

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72 min.








Earcatch, Subcatch

still Knor (Mascha Halberstad, NL/BE 2022)
still Knor (Mascha Halberstad, NL/BE 2022)
colouring page Knor (Mascha Halberstad, NL/BE 2022)

Colouring page

Wild about Knor? Download the colouring page here and breathe colour into the world of Babs and her piglet!

Download colouring page
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