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La virgen de agosto

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Jonás Trueba / ES, 2019 / 125 min.

La virgen de agosto feels like a pleasant and relaxed summer walk through the Spanish capital. In fact, the film is a summer walk, a walk in the company of 33-year-old Anna.

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Madrilenians were used to leaving the city in the hottest summer month for some cooler air at home or abroad. Driven by the economic circumstances, more and more of them are now forced to spend their holidays in their own city. Festivals and other events bring the people of Madrid together and keep them entertained.

33-year-old Eva (Itsaso Arana) decides to spend the summer in Madrid and learns to look at her city, but also at herself, with new eyes.

La virgen de agosto feels like a pleasant and relaxed summer walk through the Spanish capital. Filmmaker Jonás Trueba (1981) weaves a young woman’s personal search into a tribute to his native Madrid. Trueba proves to be a master of dialogue.

Trueba's previous film La Reconquista (2016), starring the same actress in the lead role, is a popular title in the Dutch Netflix catalogue.

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Jonás Trueba

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La virgen de agosto


125 min.


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If you are a fan of Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy or films like Matias Bize’s Life of Fish, you will also love The August Virgin. Jonás Trueba’s The Reconquest (2016) is available on Netflix.

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