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Badlands: Leila Sahir & Milou Gevers

Leila Sahir & Milou Gevers

Who are the filmmakers of tomorrow? New talents on their work, inspirations, dreams and ideals. Today with: Leila Sahir and Milou Gevers.

poster Badlands: Leila Sahir & Milou Gevers

Leila Sahir is a director, scriptwriter, playwright and poet. She is often inspired by her fascination for why people act the way they do and how they become who they are. In Leila’s opinion stories should connect, expand your horizons and, above all, be diverse. She wrote the script for the short film Laatste rit. In 2020, she co-developed and wrote the new series Sihame. Furthermore, she has completed her own project the short film MAYSA, nominated for the Debut Competition at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2021.

Milou Gevers is a freelance documentary director for various young adult programmes including the VPRO series Nog Eén Week, KRO Kindertijd and Naakt voor de klas met de Sekszusjes. In 2020, she graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy with the documentary Waarom bleef je niet voor mij?, which won the student Oscar. The film also won prizes including the VPRO Documentaireprijs, the KNF Filmcritici Award, the Gouden Leeuw at Cinekid for Best Dutch Short Documentary, the Prix de Jeunesse, the AHK Eindwerkprijs and the AHK audience award. She is currently developing her first feature-length documentary.

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Up-and-coming film talent at Eye: a new generation of Dutch makers are given the opportunity to present their debut films, discuss filmmaking and select films by makers that inspired them. These Badlands evenings are compiled by guest curators Lemuël de Graav, Xiang Yu Yeung and Eye programmer Ronald Simons.

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Leila Sahir
Milou Gevers
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