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still Maken is het mooist (Rolf Orthel, NL 2022)

Maken is het mooist

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Rolf Orthel / NL, 2022 / 97 min.

In this very personal cinematic essay, Rolf Orthel examines the creative process. He follows musicians, artists and actors: what connects them to their work, what are they looking for and what is their process like? How did he end up making things?

poster Maken is het mooist (Rolf Orthel, NL 2022)
What is the essence of the creative process? It is a means of dealing with imagination, freedom and tears discovers filmmaker Rolf Orthel in this cinematic essay in which he also looks back at his life and career. Makers study things, becoming better acquainted with themselves and others. Orthel seeks the meaning of making with reality or memory as points of departure and a train trip as the film’s meandering main thread.


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Rolf Orthel

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Original title

Maken is het mooist


97 min.






Earcatch, Subcatch

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still Maken is het mooist (Rolf Orthel, NL 2022)
still Maken is het mooist (Rolf Orthel, NL 2022)
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