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Malherbe zingt Van Warmerdam & Van Warmerdam

A special on the occasion of the exhibition L’histoire kaputt, marking the synergy between songs and film music and the collaboration between Vincent and Alex Van Warmerdam. Prior to the screening of De Noorderlingen (The Northerners) an ad hoc ensemble formed around actress Annet Malherbe will perform a set of 45 minutes under the title ‘Malherbe sings Van Warmerdam and Van Warmerdam’.

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With: Vincent van Warmerdam (guitar, banjo, vocals), Esther Apituley (viola, vocals), Theo Sieben (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Joost Buis (trombone, lap steel guitar), Hein Offermans (bass, double bass), Sjoerd van Bommel (vocals, drums) and Annet Malherbe (vocals).

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Alex van Warmerdam

A man lifts a big black thing out of a closet, there is a composite girl, and there are creatures in the forest. Eye presents new work by Alex van Warmerdam in an exhibition specially designed for the film museum.

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