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Mania 1918

Mania, Die Geschichte einer Zigarettenarbeiterin

Eugen Illés / DEUZE, 1918 / 85 min.

Silent film diva Pola Negri deleted Mania from her official filmography for inexplicable reasons. The film itself seemed to have vanished as well, until it resurfaced a few years ago. This cinematic gem is now screened in the Netherlands for the first time, to live piano music by Martin de Ruiter, programmer Silent Film and Live Music in EYE, introduction by Elif Rongen (curator EYE, language: English).

Mania the history of a cigarette factory worker



Eugen Illés

Production year




Original title

Mania, Die Geschichte einer Zigarettenarbeiterin


85 min.


none, German


DCP non-encrypted

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Mania 600
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