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Meet the Archive: First Robot Filmmaker

Meet the Archive: First Robot Filmmaker. Get face to face with the EYE Collection on Collection Day. Part III: a robot curator offers new insights into the collection, plus the launch of the George Sluizer DVD.

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Bits & Pieces. Nrs. 624 t/m 635 (NL, 2017, EYE Filmmuseum)EYE Filmmuseum curators have been making compilations of the archival leftovers since the early 1990s. These Bits&Pieces demonstrate that even the shortest and most obscure clips are worth preserving and viewing. Today, the latest compilation, B&P 624 to 635 will be premiered, followed by the Jan Bot project that makes use of the B&P Collection.

Meet Jan Bot: Bringing Film Heritage to the Algorithmic Age by Pablo Núñez and Bram LoogmanToday is the launch of Jan Bot, EYE Filmmuseum”s first robot filmmaker. Jan Bot makes short online videos based on archival footage and uses algorithms to recognise images. Inspired by the daily news, Jan Bot makes films using the so-called Bits & Pieces collection of EYE Filmmuseum. Filmmakers and Jan Bot creators Pablo Nunez and Bram Loogman will talk about the project.

The George Sluizer Project–Producer, Archive and posthouse The decision of the heirs of George Sluizer to make an oeuvre DVD box has led to his collection now being complete, with all titles sustainably stored and digitised. Anne van Es, Producer – Dutch Film Liaison elaborates on this fruitful collaboration.

Opening of the EYE International Conference by Sandra den Hamer, CEO EYE Filmmuseum; Giovanna Fossati, Chief Curator EYE Filmmuseum and Professor of Film Heritage, University of Amsterdam; and Eef Masson, Programme Coordinator of the MA Preservation & Presentation of the Moving Image, University of Amsterdam.


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