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Meet the Archive: From the magic lantern to 3D

Meet the Collection: From the Magic Lantern to 3D. Get face to face with the EYE Collection on Collection Day. Part I: Restoring and digitising - from the Magic Lantern to 3D.

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Opening Collection Day by Giovanna Fossati, Chief Curator and Frank Roumen, Director of Collection, EYE Filmmuseum

Excerpt from the Home Movie: Samengestelde rol met optochten, filmopnames en dagelijks leven in Montreal (NL, Louis Pierre Oostvogels, 1959 – 1960) Clip of the famous New Year's parade, Tournament of Roses, Pasadena, California, filmed on January 1, 1959.

A parade of cheerleaders and drum bands filmed by Louis Pierre Oostvogels aka Pierre Doriaan (1900 – 1993 (?)), a singer, filmmaker and photographer from Antwerp, Belgium and, after WWII, Montreal, Canada. He earned his money giving lectures with slides about his travels through Central and South America. His partner Paule and dog Minnie are his loyal companions, as is a large Minerva Landaulet car.

The Restoration of Hans Richter Films, by Annike Kross, Film Restorer and Mark Paul Meyer, Senior Curator

EYE Filmmuseum holds an important collection of original nitrate projection prints by Hans Richter. These films were commissioned to Richter by the Dutch Philips Company, a pioneer in industrial film production. These prints were collected by the Filmliga, a Dutch film club that promoted film as an art form in the 1920s. The films by Hans Richter have now been digitally restored in collaboration with the Deutsche Kinemathek (Berlin) and the Deutsches Filminstitut (Frankfurt). Senior Curator Mark Paul Meyer and Film Restorer Annike Kross will discuss the restoration project.

The EYE Collection of Magic Lantern Slides by Soeluh van den Berg, Curator Film-related Collections

From Johannesburg to Yellowstone Park, to Amsterdam. From Little Red Riding Hood to swimming lessons for frogs, to the effects of the chromatrope. Welcome to the fascinating world of the magic lantern slides. Curator Film-related Collections Soeluh van den Berg will take you on a journey through the EYE Collection of Magic Lantern slides.

Freem ( NL, Karel Schmeink, Frans van de Staak and Gerard van den Eerenbeemt, 1966)

Freem was born out of a special collaboration between two filmmakers, the painter Gerard van den Eerenbeemt and the electronic music pioneer Ton Bruynel. In its original form this film was shown as a double-screen 16mm projection, but it was soon turned into a single-screen 35mm version. 52 years later, our new digital reconstruction of the single-screen version has managed to retrieve all the visual and audio details as intended by its makers. This screening is the international premiere of the new reconstruction.

3D Films from the 1940s: an Unknown Treasure by Senior Curator Rommy Albers

During the late 1930s and “40s , Dutch physician Frans Reijnders developed his own unique 3D system. In 1948, together with Frank Weber, he produced a couple of stunning demonstration films, including a colour film of Queen Juliana inspecting the troops and one of quadruple Olympic Gold medallist Fanny Blankers-Koen. EYE has recently digitised these films and they can now once more be enjoyed in their full glory. Senior Curator Rommy Albers provides insight into Reijnders” 3D formulas and will present the recently digitised films.


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