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Molletje en zijn vriendjes

Zdenek Miler / CSHH, 2015

These classics of animation are an all- time favourite with kids. With a little help from his friends, the mole manages to get the better of the fox.

Molletje 2

Czech animator Zdeněk Miler created a series of animated films for the littlest ones from 1957 to 1976. He chose a mole as the leading character, and surrounded him with a host of cheerful creatures. But there are also scary animals in the forest, like a crafty fox. It”s a good thing the mole has friends to help him fool the fox. Miler”s films are masterpieces of animation that manage to enchant each new generation of children. 3+



Zdenek Miler

Production year




Original title

Molletje en zijn vriendjes



DCP - encrypted

2665 het molletje 2
Krekel 2
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