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still Nelly Rapp (Amanda Adolfsson, SE 2021)

Nelly Rapp – Monsteragent

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Amanda Adolfsson / SE, 2020 / 93 min.

Tough, strong-willed Nelly wants to be a monster agent just like her uncle Hannibal who keeps an eye on vampires, werewolves, ghosts and Frankensteins. Hannibal thinks Nelly is way too young though. Scream and laugh in this homage to classic monster movies.

poster Nelly Rapp (Amanda Adolfsson, SE 2021)
Nelly and her dog London spend the Autumn holidays at the big old house of her uncle Hannibal. Nelly quickly notices that her uncle doesn’t lead a sedate life. He is a member of a secret society that tracks down monsters; there’s even a vampire living in the cellar!


Scenes from this movie may cause fearPersons under 9 years must be accompanied by an adult


Amanda Adolfsson

Production year




Original title

Nelly Rapp – Monsteragent


93 min.





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still Nelly Rapp (Amanda Adolfsson, SE 2021)
still Nelly Rapp (Amanda Adolfsson, SE 2021)
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