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still No Way Out (Joseph L Mankiewicz, US 1950)

No Way Out

Joseph Mankiewicz / US, 1950 / 106 min.

Films starring Sidney Poitier from the 1960s such as In the Heat of the Night and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner brought the issue of racism to mainstream audiences. The film noir No Way Out, Poitier’s impressive debut from 1950, is more confrontational.

poster No Way Out (Joseph L Mankiewicz, US 1950)
Young prison doctor Luther Brooks undergoes a baptism of fire when a wounded criminal is entrusted to his care. The doctor, Sidney Poitier in his debut role, is black. The criminal, Ray, played by Richard Widmark, is a racist. When Ray's brother Johnny dies during an operation, Ray swears revenge.



Joseph Mankiewicz

Production year




Original title

No Way Out


106 min.







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Sidney Poitier & Denzel Washington

Sidney Poitier was Denzel Washington’s shining example. The actors were good friends, but never played in a film together. This summer, Eye brings them together on the big screen for the first time by showing the best of their films.

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still In the Heat of the Night (Norman Jewison, US 1967)
still No Way Out (Joseph L Mankiewicz, US 1950)
still No Way Out (Joseph L Mankiewicz, US 1950)
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