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still Oeroeg (Hans Hylkema, BE/DE/NL 1993)

Oeroeg & Hantu

Hantu (Kim Kokosky Deforchaux, NL 2021) & Oeroeg (Hans Hylkema, NL 1993)

Moderator Arnaud Kokosky Deforchaux (Tong Tong Fair, CinemAsia) talks to directors Hans Hylkema (Oeroeg, 1993), Kim Kokosky Deforchaux (Hantu, 2021) and actor Martin Schwab (Oeroeg, Hantu) about the depiction of the Indonesian struggle for liberation and the past of Indonesia.

poster Oeroeg (Hans Hylkema, BE/DE/NL 1993)
Both films show the impact of colonial history and how the ramifications of the past resound in the present.


  • still Hantu (Kim Kokosky Deforchaux, NL 2021)

    Hantu (Kim Kokosky Deforchaux, NL 2021, 19’, English subs)

    Terrifying demons from the past torment lonely Indonesian widow Lies. She doesn’t like to talk about that past in the Dutch East Indies: she prefers to discuss what’s for dinner tonight with her son Eddy. Featuring Nel Lekatompessy and Martin Schwab (who also appears in Oeroeg).

  • still Oeroeg (Hans Hylkema, BE/DE/NL 1993)

    Oeroeg (Hans Hylkema, NL 1993, 118’, English subs)

    Hella Haasse set her debut novel Oeroeg (1948) – about the close friendship between the son of a Dutch plantation boss Johan and ‘native’ boy Oeroeg (Martin Schwab) – in the Dutch East Indies of her youth. The two boys grew up together and don’t seem to notice their different origins.

    Hylkema added episodes in which the boys face off against one another, both in a personal matter and in the liberation struggle that is just flaring up. Johan (Golden Calf-winner Rik Launspach) is forced to take sides against the people he has felt akin to since he was a child.

    At the premiere, a discussion arose about the Netherlands’ colonial past and actions, partly as a result of protests from veterans’ organisations, which had expressed their objections even before the film was made. At the time, it was not a generally accepted fact that the Dutch army committed war crimes during the period of the struggle for independence.

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Revolusi! at the Rijksmuseum and Revolusi! at Eye: both institutions will introduce you to the Indonesian war of decolonisation. The film museum will screen a programme of Indonesian ‘battle films’ of which some have never been seen in the Netherlands before.

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still Hantu (Kim Kokosky Deforchaux, NL 2021)
still Oeroeg (Hans Hylkema, BE/DE/NL 1993)

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