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still Onder het maaiveld (Mark Verkerk, NL 2022)

Onder het maaiveld

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Mark Verkerk / NL, 2022 / 80 min.

The makers of De Nieuwe Wildernis turned their cameras on the invisible micro-organisms among meadow grass: healthy life in the soil turns out to be a precondition for ecologically balanced agriculture. With a soundscape by composers René Meister and Eric Blom. Advance première in Eye.

poster Onder het maaiveld (Mark Verkerk, NL 2022)

We have to change course, that much is clear. In the light of the climate crisis and global warming, farmers, consumers and the foodstuffs industry will have to dramatically change their approach to agriculture and the products this produces.

Pre show

Prior to Onder het maaiveld, we screen the short film Blooming flowers and plant movements (4') by director J. C. Mol. In this short film from 1932 we see accelerated frame-by-frame shots (time lapse or Zeitraffer) of budding flowers and moving plants and mushrooms.

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Mark Verkerk

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Onder het maaiveld


80 min.







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still Onder het maaiveld (Mark Verkerk, NL 2022)
still Onder het maaiveld (Mark Verkerk, NL 2022)
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