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Paris 1900 01

Paris 1900: Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence week

Christian Gosvig Olesen (UvA researcher) presents his research on Paris 1900, a compilation film about the history of La Belle Époque and French cinema. His presentation and this screening is part of the Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence programme.

Poster paris 1900

In 2017 Eye launched for the first time the Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence programme and invited Christian Gosvig Olesen as the scholar and Alexandra Navratil as the artist. For the new edition, Eye has invited artist Aimée Zito Lema and scholar prof. Patricia Pisters. This week marks the end of the first edition of the Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence programme and the beginning of the second edition.

Paris 1900

In 1949, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science granted the Filmmuseum a significant loan for acquiring Nicole Vedrès” compilation film Paris 1900 (France, 1947, ”82). The film was acquired, among other things, to make the case for film archiving in the Netherlands and to generate revenues for other acquisitions. Paris 1900 historicizes La belle époque and cinema”s emergence in France using approximately 700 film excerpts from La Cinémathèque Française, London”s National Film Library and various private collections. The film was simultaneously part of a wider trend to use archival film as historical source material in compilation films in the immediate post-World War II years, as well as a singular expression of an original, essayistic form of film historiography with surrealist underpinnings.

lecture by Eye scholar-in-residence

Based on archival research carried out during Christian Gosvig Olesen”s residency at Eye, his introduction to Paris 1900 retraces the film”s early acquisition, distribution and key role in the Filmmuseum”s collection building, while reflecting on the film”s relevance for artistic research in film archives today.

Eye artist-in-residence

As part of the Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence week (3-9 December), there will be a special Eye on Art programme with artist Alexandra Navratil on Tuesday, December 4. Navratil will present for the film Under Saturn (Act 1) which she created during her residency at Eye. Navratil”s installation titled Under Saturn (Act 2) which includes 162 still slides from the Eye Collection will be exhibited the entire week at Eye.

The Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence program is sponsored by Ladies Eye and FC Waterboys.