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Pas son genre

Lucas Belvaux / FR, BE, 2014 / 111 min.

They’re not each other’s type (‘Pas son genre’), the professor of philosophy and the hairdresser, and yet they fall for each other in this charming, unusual love story. A surprisingly modern variation on the theme of the impossible love a la Romeo & Juliette.

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Clément, a young philosophy professor from Paris, is sent to Arras for a year. Far away from the capital, Clément doesn”t know what to do with himself. Until he meets Jennifer, a beautiful hairdresser who becomes his lover.

Just as the life of the introverted Clément is ruled by Kant and Proust, the life of the flamboyant Jennifer is dominated by reading light novels and gossip magazines and going to karaoke nights with her girlfriends. The two are free in their hearts and bodies but bound by social and cultural barriers. Starring Dardenne actress Emilie Dequenne (Rosetta) as the hairdresser who doesn”t mince her words.



Lucas Belvaux

Production year




Original title

Pas son genre


111 min.


DCP - encrypted

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