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Pasolini's Teorema – Het geschenk en de woestijn

An emancipatory impulse, freeing art and the body from constricting ancient ties, and the desire to arrive at a reassessment of values: that is what progressive, artistic and political expressions had in common in the 1960s.

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Pasolini's film Teorema (Theorem) from 1968 is a (pre-) modern fable about erotic/sexual liberation that simultaneously asks what such a liberation actually entails. One day, an unknown man enters the life of a bourgeois family, he gives himself away, forging bonds with family members: the husband, wife, son, the daughter. Then he departs, leaving all the others with a great loss. After ecstasy comes ascesis; one of the family's members even ends up in the desert.This screening is part of a cooperation between EYE and the De Appel arts centre. The film will be introduced by Mark Kremer, guest curator of the When elephants come marching in: Echoes van de Sixties in de Kunst van Nu (When elephants come marching in: Echoes of the Sixties in Today's Art) exhibition.


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