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Paul auster

Paul Auster: Words, Films and VR + Blue in the Face

A talk by Jason Wood about Paul Auster as an author, filmmaker and scriptwriter for theatre and Virtual Reality. Followed by Blue in the Face. An evening to accompany My Name is Peter Stillman, the VR adaptation of Auster’s The New York Trilogy, which is also running in EYE.

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Jason Wood is artistic director of HOME in Manchester, author of many film books and co-director of the J.G. Ballard film adaptation Always (crashing). Wood will talk about the numerous crossovers between the books, screenplays and films of Paul Auster on the basis of film fragments. He will also draw a connection with the VR installation EYE is running in its Project Space from 1-10 April: My Name is Peter Stillman, which immerses the visitor in the haunting story of Peter Stillman, the protagonist in Paul Auster”s debut novels that make up The New York Trilogy.

Critics described Auster”s work as possessing an inherent 'cinematic quality'. Auster has always enjoyed an entwined relationship with cinema, from having the great Walter Donohue (a true man of cinema, best known as the script editor for Wim Wenders) as his editor at publisher Faber & Faber to being an ardent cinephile with a deep passion and knowledge of the moving image. 'I was always crazy about movies from early childhood', Auster commented in 2011. Auster had even briefly considered studying to become a film director in his youth, but ultimately felt his personality too shy to command the required attention of a large crew.

Wood”s lecture is followed by Blue in the Face, the sequel to Smoke, about a New York tobacco shop and a place for unexpected meetings, featuring Lou Reed, Michael J. Fox, Madonna and Jim Jarmusch as the regulars and loosely directed by Paul Auster. The lecture is in English.

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