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David rokeby very nervous system 1991

Pioneers of Electronic Art + inleiding Pawel Pokutycki

photo credits:David Rokeby, Very Nervous System (1991)Edward Zajec, Composition in Red Green Blue (1989)John Lasseter, Luxo Jr (1986)Karl Sims, Evolved Virtual Creatures (1994)Nicola Sani & Mario Sasso, Footprint (1990)Támas Waliczky, The Garden (21st Century Amateur Film) (1992-1996)

John lasseter luxo jr 1986

From less known works of East European artists to early experiments of John Lasseter (Pixar) the program of the evening will be divided into several short chapters discussing different tendencies in the artistic and technological evolution of computer animation such as: digital image manipulation, generative art and 3D entertainment. Works of artists like Karl Sims, David Rokeby or Támas Waliczky will illustrate various intentions behind electronic art and general expectations from digital revolution in a socio-cultural, technological and political context of the 80”s and 90”s.

This performance is followed by Pi (1998). A combination ticket at a reduced rate can be purchased here.


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The Man Machine

What is unique about human beings when a robot can not only imitate our actions, but artificial intelligence even exceeds our thinking capacity?

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campaign image The Man Machine (still from Ex Machina (Alex Garland, GB 2014)
Edward zajec composition in red green blue 1989
John lasseter luxo jr 1986