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Pixar: Building Tools for Telling Stories

Michael B. Johnson has been involved in most of Pixar's feature films and short films. He will share his perspective on the Pixar film-making process; one which involves both creative story tellers wanting things they don't understand how to make and flexible technologists who are more concerned with empowering their users than winning an argument with them. Technology and art go hand in hand at Pixar — each challenges and reinforces the other.

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Come along as tech-savvy Michael Johnson aka The Wave, tells stories from inside their process; sharing the how and the why. Join him as he tries to explain how Pixar always manages to keep their eye on the big prize - a compelling story, well told.This unique event is organized in cooperation with iMMovator, a network organization for the cross media industries, as part of their Meet the Master series.(Source: KLIK!)


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