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Porto da Minha Infância

Manoel de Oliveira / PT, FR, 2001 / 92 min.

The Portuguese filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira died in April this year at the age of 106. Porto da minha infância, which has him looking back on his childhood years in Porto, is one of his most personal films. The film was never released in the Netherlands, but EYE acquired a copy and is now screening it as a tribute to the deceased master.

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Porto da minha infância is a charming and rich film, which the grand old man of Portuguese cinema shot in 2010, when Porto was that year”s European Capital of Culture. Oliveira brought the city as he remembers it from the days of his youth back to life using his own, occasionally enacted, memories, the most basic memories that are closest to the city as it was. Oliveira: “I regard the film as a documentary, but to avoid it getting bogged down into a kind of photo album, I sometimes had to reconstruct things. What remains are memories of a kind of life and of images of a time long gone, that eventually do not form an autobiography, even though they do involve me.”

The Dutch Film Museum, EYE”s predecessor, distributed a number of films by Oliveira in the past (Os canibais, Je rentre à la maison, Belle toujours). EYE acquired a copy of Porto da minha infância for the collection, which it is screening to commemorate a headstrong author.



Manoel de Oliveira

Production year




Original title

Porto da Minha Infância


92 min.





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