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Research Labs 2022: Sandberg

Sandberg Institute: Outside-In

Research Labs 2022

Seven interdisciplinary artist who are working, around poetry, sculpture, documentary, photography, sound, text, film and performance. The colonial effect on the contemporary self. How to challenge the boundaries of post-pornographic representation and find visual codes for queer sensualities that expand the spectrum of human desire and sexuality. Engaging Black experimentalism.

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The students study at Blacker Blackness, a temporary Master by Simone Zeefuik, the Fine Art department by Maxine Kopsa, and Ecology of Transformation, a temporary Master by Camille Barton. The programme is curated by Judith Leysner.

Lunar New Year (S*an D. Henry-Smith, 2021, 20')

This film revisits the unraveling of a midwinter’s day in New York City. Summoning the presence of friends and collaborators on film and in spirit, Henry-Smith shifts effortlessly between sonic and visual languages in their work–at times drawing from elements of modern portraiture and slice-of-life documentation.

Ancestral Download (Jerrold Saija, 2021, 6')

‘How did you feel that day?’ I asked my grandfather. Our attention joined and we opened a window to past memories together - many layers in a state of erosion. Remaining pictures merged and a common knowing emerged.

How does one connect to those ancestral memories that cannot be found in texts or archives? Avoidant of the written word, I open explorations into different ways of knowing in attempts to repair the discontinued bonds with my ancestors. How can I open myself? Perhaps it can start with a simple question?

Fragmented Delicacies (Elio J Carranza, 2021, 9')

Fragmented Delicacies is a queer-feminist, experimental post porn which aims to challenge the boundaries of post-pornographic representation and find visual codes for queer sensualities that expand the spectrum of human desire and sexuality. I have experimented with distancing myself from the interaction of human bodies and the fixation on eroticized body in post porn films.

A Prayer to Liminality (Anne Jesuina Tobias de Andrade, 2021, 5')

What does it mean to decolonize? This film seeks to re-center the body as a site of knowledge, spirituality and trust in the midst of the workings white ‘supremacy’ culture. It draws parallels between the human-made patterns in the soil and the imposed identities on black and brown and female bodies in a neo-colonial capitalist patriarchal system. It’s an investigation of the gaze of modernity and the suppressing ways in which it makes things seen and valuable, annihilating others.

Painted Eyes (Zwaantje Kurpershoek, 2021, 5')

A video showing four persons practicing their hobbies while wearing painted manga eyes.

Embodied TRANSformation<-> TRANSformation Embodied (Sean-Claude Neufville, 2021)

An installation used as a platform for Transgendered people to testify, be witnessed and claim the knowing mined from their lived trans experience and/or their transition, through the reclaiming and reconnection with their bodies. The platform installation showcases 3 Transmasculine people responding to 6 questions. Their testimonies can take on any storytelling artistic approach. (The installation can be experienced in the 'IJLounge')

The Passage (Siomara van Bochove, 2021, 10')

Experimental moving image that explores a diasporic experience and the notion of being in between worlds, by remixing and manipulating personal recordings and (found) footage from the past that still speak to the present.

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Research Labs

In 2022 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Eye Research Labs. Every year during the time of the Research Labs presentations, Eye is a hub for students of academies and universities who flock to present their own work and view that of others.

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Research Labs 2022: Sandberg
Research Labs 2022: Sandberg
A performance to accompany Switch during Research Labs 2022

Winners 2022

During the festive 10th edition, the Best, Most Urgent and Most Surprising works were awarded by the Cherry Pickers, a group of students from the participating academies.

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