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Seks, Nonnen + The Devils

The two most ubiquitous female stereotypes in soft porn flicks are nuns and nurses, with the devil lurking not far behind. Erotica expert Albert Wulffers explores the theme on the basis of Wim van der Linden’s ‘sad movie’ Rape. He will also show fragments from the mother of all nun movies Black Narcissus by Powell & Pressburger. Plus of course The Devils, by Ken Russell.


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Cinema Erotica

The erotica collection of Eye Filmmuseum includes no fewer than a thousand titles, but they are rarely taken off the shelf. Cinema Erotica brushes aside cinematic decorum to present an ode to lust featuring historical curios, films by contemporary artists, talks and musical performances.

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campaign image Cinema Erotica (still from Viens! VR (Michel Reilhac, FR 2015))
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