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still Lacerate (Janis Rafa, NL/IT 2020)

Selected Artist's Moving Image

Selected Artist's Moving Image

New work by Dutch artists and experimental filmmakers,  recently added to Eye’s collection. The programme  includes short films by filmmakers and artists - both emerging and established - like Janis Rafa, RAAAF, Sohaib Bouaiss and Erika Roux & Anni Puolakka. 

poster Eye on Art: Selected Artists Moving Image
The new collection of artists' films is distributed by Eye and also screened at international festivals. The selection highlights recent trends in the artist’s film and the short experimental film. Most of the filmmakers featured in the programme will be present for a Q&A.


  • still A White Screen Is Visible (Sohaib Bouiass, 2020)

    A White Screen Is Visible (Sohaib Bouaiss, 2020, 8’)

    A White Screen Is Visible is a short film based on the filmmaker's experiences growing up in multiple cultures. It abstractly documents the search to finding his identity, guided through the parasomnic experiences that frequented his youth.

  • still Forces (Marta Hryniuk & Nick Thomas, 2020)

    Forces (Marta Hryniuk & Nick Thomas, 2020, 12’)

    Forces was developed through letters written between the artists, a device to impose formal constraints on their relationship as partners. Hryniuk and Thomas filmed each other in various tableaus, in locations chosen for the conjunction of symbolic and material forces in the landscape. The work reflects on the acts of spending, sharing or wasting time.

  • still Vanitas (Erika Roux & Anni Puolakka, 2021)

    Vanitas (Erika Roux & Anni Puolakka, 2021, 18’)

    Vanitas portrays four, unemployed characters in the future: a singer, a what-naut, a gamer, and an office building. Revolving around the characters’ observations, it wonders about the transient and often meaningless seeming nature of human activity.

  • still Lacerate (Janis Rafa, NL/IT 2020)

    Lacerate (Janis Rafa, 2020, 16’)

    Inspired by the iconography of biblical paintings and Flemish still-lifes, Lacerate reflects on the subject of domestic and gender violence by portraying the extreme decision of a woman who turns from victim into executioner.

  • still Luftschloss (RAAAF, 2021)

    Luftschloss (RAAAF, 2021, 5’)

    In 1942 the Nazis erected colossal Flak Towers to ‘protect’ the historic city of Vienna. The immense concrete castles were meant to become the symbols of a victorious Third Reich. These seemingly indestructible structures still dominate the city's skyline – until today.

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Eye on Art is a programme on the intersection between film and other arts. Eye on Art keeps up with current events, with presentations on contemporary artists and programmes that coincide with important exhibitions, manifestations and Eye activities.

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still from Cloacinae Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, NL 2017)

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