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still Leak (Astrid Ardagh, NL 2022)

Selected Artist's Moving Image

Selected Artist's Moving Image

New work by Dutch artists and experimental filmmakers that was recently added to Eye’s collection. The program includes short films by filmmakers and artist’s like Astrid Ardagh, Raquel Vermunt and Ana Bravo-Pérez, both emerging artists and established names. Most of the filmmakers will be present for a Q&A.

poster Selected Artist's Moving Image
The new collection films are distributed by Eye and are also screened at international festivals. The selection highlights recent trends in the artist’s film and the short experimental film. Programme:


  • still Prison with Songbirds (Ewan Macbeth, NL 2022)

    Prison with Songbirds (Ewan Macbeth, NL 2022, 13’)

    An unseen narrator recounts his experience of wrongful imprisonment in an unnamed country, and his sudden release. Based on a nightmarish letter sent to Amnesty International, and a surreal interview with its writer on freedom and coincidence.

  • still Half Wet (Carlos Irijalba, NL 2022)

    Half Wet (Carlos Irijalba, NL 2022, 17’)

    Wuicho, a swimming pool cleaner, lives in Oaxaca (Mexico) on a dystopian future where the seas have acidified and swimming in them is no longer suitable for humans. Tourists left and only indigenous Chatino is spoken.

  • still Face Home View (Raquel Vermunt, NL 2022)

    Face Home View (Raquel Vermunt, NL 2022, 9’)

    Face Home View listens to the echoes of time passing, reveals traces of life, sounds and movements. Fleeting moments captured by the silent walls of the location the work portrays.

  • still Leak (Astrid Ardagh, NL 2022)

    Leak (Astrid Ardagh, NL 2022, 3’)

    A woman goes to get her nails painted, the world around her is flooding and she begins to leak. A symbolic and experimental take on vanity, fluids and climate denial.

  • still Mother Earth's Inner Organs (Ana Bravo Pérez, NL/CO 2022)

    Mother Earth's Inner Organs (Ana Bravo-Pérez, NL/CO 2022, 22’)

    This film is a journey from Amsterdam to Wayú territory in the North of Colombia following the smoke, the rotten smell of burning Mma – meaning Mother Earth in Wayuunaiki. Bravo-Pérez weaves a narrative that goes from the surface of Mma to its depths. From the experience of the Wayú people and the filmmaker’s reflection on extractivist practices to plastic experimentations that create a lucid dream, an eye opener to how extractivism of coal affects life.

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Eye on Art

Eye on Art is a programme on the intersection between film and other arts. Eye on Art keeps up with current events, with presentations on contemporary artists and programmes that coincide with important exhibitions, manifestations and Eye activities.

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still from Cloacinae Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, NL 2017)
still Prison with Songbirds (Ewan Macbeth, NL 2022)
still Half Wet (Carlos Irijalba, NL 2022)
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