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Shorts 3: Moody Salvation

Kaboom 2023: Shorts 3: Moody Salvation

Once upon a time ... Films from all over the world came together on a glorious battlefield.

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Victory would be for one of them. But there would be no losers, because talent and art are there to be celebrated, to be loved, to be remembered and to be devoured by you ... the audience. The battle would forever be known as Kaboom's International Short Film Competition. And we are honoured to organise that competition year in year out. In 2023, a large number of short films battle it out for our coveted awards!

The films shown in this programme are either spoken or subtitled in English.

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Kaboom 2023

Mark your calendar, set the alarm… March 30th through April 2nd. Let yourself be immersed in the animation world during Kaboom Animation Festival. The festival can also be followed online until 2 April.

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International shorts 3 2
International shorts 3 3
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