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still Small Axe: Education

Small Axe - Education

Steve McQueen / GB, 2020 / 63 min.

In the 1970s many London children of West Indian descent were unjustly sent to special needs schools.

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Special needs education was part of an official and deliberate segregation policy, which resulted in many black children not receiving the education they were entitled to.

The main character Kingsley is fictional, but the film is based on a true scandal, which was exposed by Grenadian teacher Bernard Coard in his book How the West Indian Child is Made Educationally Sub-normal in the British School System.

Small Axe is a series of five feature films by British artist and filmmaker Steve McQueen (1969). The films are set between the 1960s and 1980s and tell the personal stories of members from London’s West-Indian community, who constantly struggle against racism and discrimination. A one-off screening by Eye as part of the Amsterdam Art Week.

The entrance ticket of €12.50 entitles you to free admission to the screening and a DVD box of the Small Axe series.



Steve McQueen

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Original title

Small Axe - Education


63 min.





Part of

Amsterdam Art Week 2021

Eye is screening Small Axe as part of Amsterdam Art Week. Small Axe is a collection of five films by the British artist and director Steve McQueen (1969). The films are set in the period from the late 1960s to the 1980s and tell the personal stories of members of the West Indian community in London, who faced rampant racism and discrimination in their daily lives.

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still Small Axe: Lovers Rock
still Small Axe: Education
still Small Axe: Education

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