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still Soegija (Garin Nugroho, ID 2012)


Garin Nugroho / ID, 2012 / 120 min.

The intriguing story of Indonesia’s multicultural society, told through various people whose lives have intersected and been influenced by the ideas of Soegija, the first Javanese bishop.

poster Soegija (Garin Nugroho, ID 2012)

Albertus Soegijapranata – or Soegija as he was known – was the first Javanese bishop to be ordained in the Dutch East Indies. This was in 1942, the year in which Japanese troops occupied Indonesia. Director Garin Nugroho tells the story of this complex multicultural society through the people inspired by him, up to Indonesia’s post-War of Independence period.

"It's incredible that sixty years after the country's independence there is no film yet that expresses a non-Islamic point of view." Indonesia is still a very radical country which needs to "mature in its sense of religion."

"This is why I wanted to explore a figure who was a determining factor in the creation of the concept of Indonesian multiculturalism," the director explains.

Unfortunately the quality of the digital file of Soegija is not optimal. Therefore there will be a reduction on the ticket price.

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Garin Nugroho

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120 min.


Malayalam, Javanese, Japanese, Dutch, Indonesian





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Revolusi! at the Rijksmuseum and Revolusi! at Eye: both institutions will introduce you to the Indonesian war of decolonisation. The film museum will screen a programme of Indonesian ‘battle films’ of which some have never been seen in the Netherlands before.

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still Soegija (Garin Nugroho, ID 2012)
still Soegija (Garin Nugroho, ID 2012)
still Soegija (Garin Nugroho, ID 2012)

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Arnoud Arps is a media and culture scholar at the University of Amsterdam. He will give introductions to several film screenings. For our online magazine, Arps wrote about Indonesian films that deal with the struggle for independence.

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