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The Hand

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Wong Kar Wai / HK, 2004 / 56 min.

Gong Li is a mysterious courtesan who bestows sexual favours on her latest dressmaker, so that he will remember her with each new dress he designs.

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Wong Kar Wai splashed out in 1960s art direction, full of sumptuous interiors, flowers, mirrors and a succession of swanky outfits. In many ways, The Hand is as beautiful and compelling as In the Mood for Love, though there is a world of difference with the hushed and tormented lovers of Wong’s previous film.

Eye has re-released six films by Wong Kar Wai in collaboration with Cinéart. With the exception of The Hand, all films are restored in 4K.

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Wong Kar Wai

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The Hand


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Wong Kar Wai

Eye releases six films by Wong Kar Wai to Dutch theatres in partnership with Cinéart. Apart from The Hand, all films have been restored in 4K. We present In the Mood for Love, Chungking Express, Fallen Angels, Happy Together, 2046 and the director's cut of his short film The Hand.

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