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The Man Beneath

A romantic drama about a prominent Indian scientist who visits Scotland and becomes involved in an impossible love affair with a white woman. With live music.

The man beneath 1919 2

The mixed-race love affair and the discrimation encountered by the couple is set against the backdrop of a murder-inciting sect.

The Man Beneath is a silent film starring Sessue Hayakawa in the lead role. Hayakawa (1889-1973) is primarily remebered for his role as Japanese colonel in David Lean”s The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957). It is less known that in the 1910s he was the first non-white Hollywood star and producer to make the ladies swoon with his good looks and intense gaze.

Music by Martin de Ruiter, performed by Quinteto Capital T: Annie Tångberg (cello), Andreas Suntrop (electric gitaar), Sebastiaan van Delft (piano), Erik Winkelmann (double bass) and Martin de Ruiter (bandoneon).