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Still 1 down by law

The Sound of Jarmusch + Down by Law

It’s hard to imagine a film by Jim Jarmusch in which music doesn’t have a role to play. Eye on Sound: POP! pays tribute to the scores and soundtracks of Jarmusch's films with a live show by a specially formed band. Followed by: Down by Law, featuring Tom Waits, John Lurie and Roberto Benigni. 

Down by law poster

A specially formed band evokes the significance of music in Jarmusch's film. With: Thijs Havens (Tice Fires, The Vagary) on guitar, Bram Kniest (St. Tropez) on drums, Teun Hieltjes (St. Tropez, 4B2M) on bass, Kars van den Heuvel (The Mighty Breaks) on sax and Eye programmer Martin de Ruiter on keyboards.

Followed by Down by Law (Jim Jarmusch, US 1986, 107')

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Eye on Sound: POP!

Rapper Tupac Shakur, pop legend David Bowie and singer-songwriter Björk: what do they have in common and what’s their connection with Eye? Discover it in Eye on Sound: POP!, a programme on the close bond between pop music and film. With feature films, documentaries, live performances and talk shows.

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Still 3 down by law
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