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Tiger mountain

The Taking of Tiger Mountain (3D)

Set in a snowy northwest China right after the Second World War, The Taking of Tiger Mountain shows us the violent civil war between the gangs of marauding bandits and the People’s Liberation Army.

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Unit 203, a motley crew of 30 soldiers led by Captain Jianbo (Kenny Lin), is charged with bringing down the most heinous of these bandits, Lord Hawk (Tony Ka Fai Leung). Hawk commands his massive bandit army from an impenetrable fortress atop of Tiger Mountain, where he has amassed a large amount of formidable weaponry left behind by the Japanese. Heavily outnumbered and outgunned, Jianbo sends one of his best men, Yang (Hanyu Zhang), to infiltrate Hawk”s vicious gang as an undercover agent. Caught up in a high stakes game of cat and mouse, Yang and Jianbo both have to outsmart and defeat the bloodthirsty Hawk before time runs out.

Incorporating the best elements from the adventure genre, Hollywood blockbusters, and Hong Kong action films, The Taking of Tiger Mountain marks the bombastic return of the hugely prolific and iconic action director Tsui Hark. This adaptation of the famous Chinese novel “Tracks in the Snowy Forest” is simutaneously both a stunning period piece and an enthralling spectacle which surpasses most of Hollywood”s offerings within the genre.


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